"If you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree, it will believe that is it stupid" - Albert Einstein

No question that we deal with is ever considered stupid. we are continually growing our services, and can provide solutions for a range of everyday requests. it's what we're here for!

"My computer is running slow"

Being quite a broad issue, this can be a number of things including virus removal, malware issues, a failing hard drive or your system may just be in need of a spring clean. 

"My computer won't boot up"

A common issue, with fixes resulting in power supply replacements, motherboard replacements, reinstalling windows or the doomed failed hard drive. 

"I'm having internet issues"

This can be related to your home Wi-Fi structure, or the machine itself. A few common fixes include better network cabling, Wi-fi installations, router replacements or equipment upgrades (all of which are available in-store). 

We do not charge to take a look, and are happy to work with Windows, Apple, tablets & phones as well as laptops and computers.


Home Visits. 

If we can't find the solution in-store, we can send one of our IT specialists to come to you! Common home visits include training, installations, data migration and improved Wi-Fi solution.