So, Why Us?

The short answer is, we care.

With over 10 years of IT and Communications experience, we have tailor-made our services to ensure every customer is left with satisfaction and a continuing relationship with us. 

We have all sat through far too many hours of hold-music only to be greeted by a robot, (or if you are lucky enough, human), that is uninterested and not invested in your experience during the transaction. And that is why we built Launceston Computers the way we did.

We now boast a strong client-base, and continue to provide elite IT and Communications support, from Wi-Fi solutions, Facebook marketing, and all in the most beautiful part of the country, Cornwall. 

Until making the big move to sunny Cornwall 3 years ago, Jeff built up an excellent CV working in London within IT departments of large corporations, including a Fortune 500 company. However he longed for the customer service element of IT, and so set up shop in Launceston. Merging his retail skills alongside his corporate IT experience, he has made Launceston Computers what it is today.

Alongside getting her BA in Business Management and Marketing at Exeter University, Lou has built up a skill set with focus on Social Media based marketing, SEO and website development. She also has a keen interest in Marketing Psychology, and understanding exactly what your audience wants. If you need a boost in your social media presence or a shiny new website, Lou is your girl. 

Josh has had a keen interest in computers since school. Developed from a love of video games and constantly learning and building up his own PC. His speciality lies in hardware, and understanding how each element of a machine communicates to create the experience we see on our screens. Josh has A-Levels in computing, and is now building his skill set at Launceston Computers.