Why Launceston Computers?

Mayor visit on opening day

inside the shoP

shop front in westgate street

Jeff Pullen

I built Launceston Computers around how I personally would expect a computer shop to be. Friendly, professional, approachable and honest.

The ingredients I have used to try to make Launceston Computers the success it has become over the last 2 years is quite simple:

- Treat customers how I would expect to be treated.
- Provide the best advice for the customer.
- Provide a clean, comfortable environment for the customer.
- Keep Jargon to a minimum
- Provide unparalleled after sales care.
- Be fair.

Launceston Computers will not be measured on it's success purely based on profits, that is not solely how I wish to measure success, I will measure success also on how people feel about their local computer shop, through feedback and through word of mouth, and by all the friendly faces that keep coming back again and again.

Launceston Computers is a Small Local Business, designed for the local people of Launceston and the surrounding areas whom it serves.

Jeff Pullen
Director of Launceston Computers Ltd


Reliable repairs performed in-store.
Leave your item with a person and in a place you can trust. All our repairs are done in-store, so you know exactly who is taking care of you.

We are fast. 
When your computer goes down, you need a resolution quickly. 95% of issues are resolved within 48 hours, with next day delivery on parts which are not immediately available.

Walk-ins welcome. 
Receive face-to-face support for your problems. Simply visit at any time. No appointments needed!

No warranty? No worries.
We don't discriminate. If you're using an older machine we're happy to service it – with or without a warranty.

Superior Customer Service and Unparalleled After-Sales Care

We can all acknowledge that you can purchase most things Launceston Computers sells online, or from a large scale retailer, and up until a few years ago, let me be honest, I would only shop online if I could too. That is until I was stung a few times. Either through simply being scammed and not receiving goods, or going through weeks of emailing trying to get a repair/refund on goods that were faulty, sending them across the country or even the world just to get my product to a satisfactory level. The level of customer service received at major chains is actually alarming in most cases, and these employees rarely genuinely have the customers best interests at heart - why would they? Put simply, sometimes saving a few pounds does not outweigh the amount of hassle you have to go through during these faceless transactions.

This is where the benefit of shopping locally, from someone who really cares about each customer as an individual comes in.

Come into the shop and discuss what it is you want to achieve, and we will give you the best advice, and provide the product you need, at the best possible cost. 

If something were to go wrong, you don't need to wait on hold for 40 minutes, or start spending out on postage to repair centres, you just need to bring your item back to Launceston Computers and let us handle it all.

We take the stress and hassle out of what for some people is already stressful enough, and you have the piece of mind that you have someone to speak to, locally, and immediately.